Nefertaris Vault

Welcome to Nefertari’s Vault, a treasure-trove of stylish Egyptian silver dedicated to delivering topnotch designs. Our jewelry is inspired by the Pharaoh Kings and Queens who governed ancient Egypt. Nefertari was one of the most accomplished and powerful queens who ruled during ancient times. Her name means the beautiful companion. The jewelry here will be the perfect ‘Nefertari’ to your collection. You will discover designs that ravish the eye, giving you a uniquely mystical look laden with meaning. Take a look into the gems in her Vault and see how fabulous Egyptian jewelry is.


Wafaa Kassem and Mai Abdelal

Meet the Founders of Nefertari's Vault!

Having been born in America, my mother always worried that I would forget my roots. This warranted yearly trips to Egypt and many trips to ancient sites. In Egypt, I fell in love with the history and the jewelry. The ancient Egyptians not only believed in the afterlife, but the power a person had in their living life. To protect themselves, they adorned their bodies and designed their homes with symbols. The symbols were used for protection, power, and growth. My mom and I always bought jewelry back to the States with faces of pharaohs, the key of life, the lotus, the evil eye, and much more. While wearing these pieces, we felt beautiful and powerful. The jewelry was more than just a design; it was a feeling. In the States our friends and even strangers would stop and ask us where they could get our pieces. We knew people could not visit Egypt easily or find the same high quality jewelry, so my mother Wafaa Kassem and I, created Nefertari’s Vault. We want to deliver beautifully designed pieces that allow us to carry a bit of home with us everywhere. Each piece of jewelry created within Nefertari’s Vault is exclusively made in Egypt by master jewelers. Every item is professionally made, inspired by the ancient Egyptians from thousands of years ago. This impressive collection of high quality Egyptian jewelry is now available in the United States and worldwide, allowing anyone to carry a piece of the ancients with them.

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